Triathlon Club – Triple Crown Racing

Someday you will not be able to do this. Today is not that day.

Email Dana Cannon with any questions regarding Triple Crown Racing at the Cheval Athletic Club. You do have to be a Cheval member in order to be a part of the club . . . but it is a free service we offer to all members.  The purpose of our group is to train together, race together and offer support and encouragement in all training and events.  It’s all about the relationships and accomplishing new goals together.

What’s Coming Up?

Email Dana Cannon to be added to our email list and facebook group to keep up-to-date with our current races, training rides/runs/swims, etc.

Group Training

t clinic - groupTransition Practice at the Club



The above pictures were taken at the Crystal River Triathlon on Sept 1, 2012 – Our Club developed in May 2012.
This was our innagural group.  We had 20 first-timers participate in this race.
If you would like to see more team pictures, click here.

Do Your First Triathlon!

We offer an 8-week day-by-day training program, along with weekly emails, transition clinics, group bike ride, open water swim, Q&A session, mock tri and of course unlimited email contact for ONLY $75 ($50/each if you sign-up with your spouse).   You can also simply hire a coach for more specific one-on-one training.  Be looking for the next training program in the soon.

Hire An Experienced Coach

One of our many coaches can help you through the planning and training process.  You can hire them to help you write a plan for a particular race, learn how to train using a heart rate monitor and/or to plan you detailed workouts month-to-month.  All of the below coaches are instructors, so you can catch them at the Club to get whatever questions you may have answered.

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