Thoroughbred Golf Academy

Thoroughbred Golf Academy: Powered by Operation 36

The Thoroughbred Golf Academy is back with some very exciting changes!  Last season saw some major victories; our golfers earned over 400 badges and lowered their Operation 36 match scores by 700 strokes.  We created 38 new golfers all of which I am very proud of!  Yet there are still areas where we could improve.  To give our kids every opportunity they deserve we are introducing the American Athletic Developmental Model to the program through the Titleist Performance Institute Junior Golf Program.  This will help our kids develop into the best athletes they can be by appropriately training them in fundamental movement skills as they grow through the four stages of athletic development.  This means that classes this year will now be 90 minutes so we can add in the athletic development.  The half of class will look a lot like a PE class in school where our golfers rotate stations developing their athleticism and getting one on one coaching the finer points of the Operation 36 fundamentals.  After we have gone through all the stations we will play the popular golf games that everyone loved last year to practice what we learned.


We are also adding a team element to the Operation 36 matches and introducing different formats to the Operation 36 Matches.  They will still be playing from their Operation 36 yardage for all but one event and the main for it to earn their playing badge by shooting 36 for 9 holes but we all know how much kids like playing with other being part of a team, just like PGA Jr. League.


We can’t wait for you for this season to begin and to watch your young golfer grow in their games and as young athletes!

Questions? Contact Director of Golf Instruction, Jeff Leonard, today at jleonard@playcheval.com or 813.949.4231!

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